PLEASE Stop Using Zillow and Trulia!

There is nothing more convenient than having a search engine at your fingertips to find your dream home. It’s easy to use, you can save and send photos directly from your phone, and you can even get alerts about updates. Home search apps are wonderful! But the search engine that you are using is becoming a realtor’s nightmare. For the past 12+ months brokerage after brokerage has decided to withdrawal their listings from the nationwide real estate search engines.

The reason is simple: THEY ARE INACCURATE.

How do listings even get on the world wide web?

The same brokers that walked through the house, took measurements, researched the property, photographed features and had a conversation with the seller created the listing! Brokers use a Multiple Listing Service (MLS) to upload and edit their listings. In Indiana’s case, we use MIBOR (Metropolitan Indianapolis Board of Realtors). Brokers can login and add listings, search for houses, create a desktop appraisal, find property tax information, etc. The data comes from the direct source and is the most up-to-date information.

Third party websites such as Zillow and Trulia pull their information from MIBOR to create their own listings. Zillow and Trulia do provide helpful tools for buyers and sellers. One of the best tools is that they have an app to use for when you are standing directly in front a home for sale and wish to know the details. But the absolute worst element about Zillow is the dreaded “Zestimates”. A Zestimate is Zillow’s estimated market value for a home and are highly inaccurate. Further, agents and clients are finding that information about the actual home isn’t truthful. Facts such as: list price, room dimensions, date the property last sold, current status of sale, etc. have all been found to be incorrect. It’s even common for a buyer to find a listing on Zillow or Trulia only to discover that it sold and closed 3-6 months ago!

So where should you be searching?

LOCAL, LOCAL, LOCAL! Who better to ask about a particular home in your community than a professional that specializes in that real estate market? It’s obvious that the Zillow employee sitting in Seattle, Washington doesn’t know the Shelby County market as well as the FC Tucker Shelby County team. We encourage our clients to use our search engine, to find your dream home. We also highly recommend and We know that the quickest way to search the market on the go is through your phone. MIBOR and both have apps that are safe and the most accurate.

Why use a site like Zillow instead of trusting your local agent and their website?

We want our clients to receive the best service and that includes receiving truthful information. So again, we ask you – PLEASE stop using Zillow and Trulia!

Happy searching!

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